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RAMANUJ BIOGRAPHY IN ENGLISH, Ramanuja learned various subjects, Ramanuj Biography in hindi



After that, Ramanuja learned various subjects from various acharyas.  For a long period of time he has pursued knowledge and knowledge.  Gradually became the guru of a community.  This community is called  Ramanuja sect.  He was then the abbot of Srirangamath.  The word of his knowledge and erudition has spread throughout the Deccan.  He defeated the illusionist monks.  He even defeated the powerful monk Yajnamurti in argument.  Later, Yajnamurthy became a saint of Vishnu.  Under the instructions of Ramanuja, he wrote two books in Tamil called 'Gnanasara' and Prameyasa'.  Ramanuja wrote unique general bibliographies like Vedantasara, Vedanta Samakara, Vedantadip, Sribhasya Srimad Bhagavata Gita etc.  Then the king of the Chola kingdom was a Shaivite.  He was notorious as a Vaishnava hater.  He could not bear the influence and prestige of Vaishnava Ramanuja.  He decided to kill Ramanuja.  He sent messengers and summoned him to the royal assembly.  Ramanuja's intimate disciples understood the king's intentions.  So they did not allow the Guru to go to the palace.  Disciple Kuresh dressed as Ramanuja appeared in the Raj Sabha.  Another disciple Mahapunyaswamy went with him.  The king believed him to be Ramanuja Swamy.  Meanwhile, Ramanuja left the Chola kingdom and went to Melkot.  He defeated the Jain Acharyas there in an argument.  They all took initiation into Vaishnava religion.  Vaishnavism spread among the common people of western Deccan regionChola Raja blinded both eyes of Kuresh, mistaking him for Ramanuja.


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